Violent Hehavior Among the American Youth

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Research Design

This is a descriptive research design constructed to find out why there is increased violent behavior among the American youth in this current era. This is successfully done through the use of specific and relevant research design methods and data after the sample population has been chosen and understood.

Research Question

To what extent are single-parent household the cause of increased violent behavior among the youth in America?

Identification and Analysis

Based on the above research question the dependent variable is increased violent behaviors, and the independent variable is the increased violent behavior in youths. If a control variable were to be included in the research question, then, it would be two parent home household. Influencing this is the fact that including a two-parent household in the research would adversely alter the end findings of the intended research question.

There are generally two types of data; the primary and secondary types of date. The data used to come up with the above research was the secondary data extracted from credible internet books and peer-reviewed books. Based on how the research question reads the method to be used during the research will be both the qualitative and the quantitative methods. This is because after the information is gathered through the qualitative methods like case studies and participant observation so that it can be later transformed into the quantitative form for easier interpretation and understanding.

From the research question, it is evident that the single parent household is the sample population. Influencing this is the fact that there are various kinds of households in America, but the only one selected for the research as per the research question is the single parent household.  The main reason behind choosing this particular sample population other than the fact that it is a necessity for the research is that it is readily and easily available. If the accessibility of the research design was challenging, then, the sample population would have made the research design and the eventual research very difficult.

The above descriptive research design method was influenced by the need to further expound on the prevailing situation of increased violence among the increased caused by a single-parent household. It would be impossible for other research design methods to offer an in-depth explanation as they are not descriptive in nature yet the research question requires a description that can be provided through descriptive research design only. 

In order to comprehend the perspective of the research design used, it is necessary to understand the nature of the research question. Based on the research problem, it is clear that there is a social institution involved which is the family unit the single family to be precise. The complexity of the society is also revealed in the research questions through the revelation of the increased violent behavior among the youth in America. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that the research perspective in this research design is structural functionalism. This is because according to structural functionalism, the society is a complex system that requires a social institution to make things work out accordingly. If the family unit which is the major social unit of the society is broken to mean that it is dominated by the single families, then this means that structural functionalism is the sociological perspective that would explain the given research design for positive results.