Cookie Policy

Any visitor to or user of website, or any of its apps, subsidiaries, or affiliate websites is now informed that we use cookies. We may also use such tools as web beacons and other technology that identifies browsers, access points, navigational behaviors, and dates and times at which you accessed our channels.

We want to be fully transparent about our use of cookies and other technologies so that our visitors have full trust in how we are tracking and storing their behaviors relative to our digital channels. Thus, we are providing the details of exactly what our tracking does and why we track use of those channels.

If, after reading this policy, you still have questions, we urge you to contact us at [email protected], for further clarifications.

There are two other policies that impact visitors and users – Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. We urge you to review these policies as well and to contact us with any questions you have.

What are Cookies?

The most basic definition is that they are little files that are placed in your device when you access a website. You have probably seen notifications from websites that they use cookies, along with the option not to agree to that usage.

These little files track your behavior on the site – the pages you access, how long you stay on those pages, etc. But the most important use of cookies is so that a site can “remember” you when you come back and direct you to that content and pages that you last visited. We use cookies for this purpose.

Types of Cookies:

You should know the types of cookies that websites, including ours.

Persistent Cookies: These cookies will remain on your device even after you have exited from a website or app. The purpose is one of convenience for you. When you return to that same site, that site will know where you have been and can let you re-visit the same places you visited the previous time. The idea is to give you a better user experience each time you return.

Session Cookies: these cookies are used to gather aggregate data about all visitors to a site. They track where users go, what time they access the site, how long they remain on each page, and where they exit. This information allows sites to analyze the usability and experiences, in order to improve their sites. Session cookie disappears once a visitor leaves the site.

First-Party Cookies: These are essentially persistent cookies, and we do use them. They will be placed in your device and will remember where you have been. When you return, that information takes where you have been before.

Third-Party Cookies: Third-party sites on our site may place cookies. These are other enterprises that we have contracts with to provide certain services to us, such as payment processors or companies that track and analyze aggregate data and provide analytics reports to us.

User Consent to Cookies: We do need cookies for our visitors and users to have a good experience on our site.

Other Types of Technology We Use

Web Beacons: This technology does not collect any information on visitors but, rather, works with cookies to gather anonymous and aggregate behavior on our site. The data is synthesized for the purpose of evaluating user experiences on our site, so that we may make improvements and modifications.

Other Technologies: Some technologies, such as Flash, are cookies that are shared. We do not use these, nor do we hold any information or share such information. When you access our site, we notify you that we use cookies and that you automatically agree to them by proceeding to use our site, along with other technology we use.

Any visitor to any site can refuse to agree to the use of cookies, by adjusting their web browsers. All browsers have instructions for doing this. If you do this, though, understand that your experience on any site will be negatively impacted.

When a visitor voluntarily provides personal information to use n the course of using our site, that information will also be placed in a cookie. The cookie will be sent to your browser. When you come back again, your browser will send that cookie back to us. This will continue to happen every time you return, no matter how you navigate through our site. When you do visit new pages on our site, these will be added to the cookie.

Why We Use Cookies and Other Technologies

As already stated, our primary purpose is to provide our visitors and users with a good experience on our site, app, pages, etc. Cookies will let visitors navigate throughout site easily, gather the information they want or need, and access any sections of our site that we might have “reserved.” It also allows users to place orders for products and services.

We are not trying to capture your personal information for any purpose other than your use of our site. You only give us your personal information when you choose to do so, in order to subscribe to offers, emails, and to make purchases. We do not sell, lease, or trade your information, and we do not use it for marketing purposes, except as you choose to subscribe to our email and/or newsletter offers and promotions.

You can block cookies, but there is much that you will not be able to do on our site, certainly not make any purchases. We also cannot guarantee your security.

Some of our cookies are what we call “performance” cookies. They track anonymous visitor and user behavior and inform us if there are issues with load speed, with broken links, or other problems on pages of our site. We monitor the functions of all our pages and apps on a continuing basis so that we can fix any problems that our performance cookies alert us about.

Using Cookies for Marketing (First- and Third-Party)

Some of our cookies are used to track your preferences on our site, so that we may offer you products and/or services that you might be interested in. We also use these cookies to track the success of our advertising strategies.

These cookies will collect your browser and IP address.

Again, you may always block such cookies through your browser, and your browser will always have the methods for doing this. When you choose to block cookies, you are also choosing not to have full use of our website, pages, and other content.

If you have consented to cookies and ever wish to delete them, you can do so through your browser, following these instructions.

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